Cunning Planning

The Good Son

Aimless and sorrowful, Mergawa walks the streets...

Morning comes with soycaf and a heavy feeling for Mergawa. It is his duty to visit the hospital, see if anyone actually survived. His duty, and the only thing to do. News feeds refrain from including any names of survivors, and they’re too preoccupied with speculating as to the perpetrator anyway. Better find out by himself, anyway. Almost unconsciously, he plots the course to the hospital with his comlink. Time to find out.

The receptionist is short, plump, human, round her forties. The hospital’s walls are a dull grey, which must have formerly been white, and the silence is only broken by the frequent announcements. That’s what you get for not upgrading your DocWagon membership.

“Excuse me, are there any survivors from yesterday’s fire at the establishment #36587-2?”

She looks at him impassively for a little while, and turns without haste to look at her comlink.

“There are a Mr. Anthony Chatzis and a Ms. Nina Volioti…”

She makes another pause, flicking her eyes between Mergawa and her comlink.

“…and you are authorised to visit them. However, they are both in a critical condition. I must instruct you to limit your stay to five minutes maximum. Rooms 424 and 425.”

Once again, she turns her interest to the comlink, but Mergawa is already on his way.



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