A solemn tech specialist who has more questions than answers.


Name: “Mergawa”
Last Name: “unknown”
Age: “5” (those are years I remember)
Occupation: “Bouncer”
Weapon of choice: “What weapon….?”
Motivation: “Existence”


Though I do not remember much of who I am, or where I’m from, there are much more troublesome questions tormenting my mind, or at least the part of it that isn’t yet mechanised. There are still some “human” (as some people call them) parts inside me, tissue, meat and fibre. My
questions are way simpler than the criteria called “who” or “where”… It’s the “why”.

Why i do not remember nothing before my first day at work? Why is it “Mergawa”, and not some normal name like Michael, or John?
My first memory is… it is…
Ah, yes, now i recall it. Those datachips will soon need replacement…

It all Started in a dark room. The only face I remember is Tony’s, the club’s manager.
“Wake up, big fella!”
Those words still haunt me. Those are the words that made me use my eye sensors, and the first Words I recall hearing.
“Stand up, and let us get you some clothes” he said smilling and blinking, and my first reaction was a smile.I am not so sure if that reaction was a reflection of Tony’s action, or an actual feeling i had that momment, or even if that was my first feeling as well. Joy…

He dressed me up like I saw his wife, later on that night, dress up their baby boy, carefully to the last detail. Then he got me out of that dark room, and introduced me to some other functional beings. Peter the Bartender, Ida the Dancer, and some other females. Tony said…
“M, here’s what i need you to do for me: you have to protect all those you got introduced to tonight. For the night is long.”
And I replied, “What is my function, Tony?”. He said, “Bouncer”. All of a sudden, pictures filled my memory, like I already knew what should be done, and when. Many days have passed from that night, to be frank. A new day started, and Tony introduced me a to a new female, Lia. A very interesting being… Shiny, smooth-looking brown skin, brown eye-sensors, and golden hair. She responded with a Kiss on my forehead, which stained it with a red substance that was smelling like roses… That must have been my first feeling of smell, and Love… And that is
exactly the moment, where question marks filled my logs. How am I aware of such feelings, and how is there an entry for the smell of roses in my memory?

Another functional night at the club started. Although, that was the last night, and my first troubled night. I was set to wait in the Lobby, and the night was proccessing normally, although data was starting once again to fill my memory bank. I had some flashbacks with images of people, machines, animals, and a tingly feeling as I watched Lia dancing. I cannot explain it, I should ask Tony when he should relieve me from duty…

Then it happened. People with projectile weapons killed every one on sight.
I tried to react, but I was immobilised by a mechanised monster. I will never forget its ID, and the smell of death in the air…

That Machine corrupted my navigation sensors… Something switched me off.

“I have few regrets, my existence is a wonder as it travels between space and time, seen and done things beyond imagination. I am tired, but I still have one more objective to achieve. Though I need to realise something first. Why can I see through the entire electromagnetic spectrum? Those must be atoms… little clouds of possibility. The being named Einstein couldn’t connect the gravitational force to the other three dimensions… But if he could have seen this…It is so obvious.
The fundamental forces are provoked by consciousness, Everything Is Connected… Everyone.
It is a Cruel Joke, a mechanistic clockwork of reality, lingering on, in an impossible defiance of entropy. Life.
And the clockwork doesn’t care… Gravity warps time, a relativistic spectrum”.

“This is my lucky day”, the being that had its hand on my chestplate said. “Tony ?” – “They ate shit, dude”, it replied. “They died because of some unfinished drug business, man”.

Images flooded my memory once again. I know stuff I never seen before. What was this weird thing I saw while I was offline, and why do I feel so much sorrow?

Status: Online


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