The cornerstone of our civilisation.


A comlink is the 2072 version of a PDA, and an essential part of one’s life these days.
It comes in many forms. It can be a small touchscreen device usually attached to one’s clothing, or even an implant directly connected to one’s nervous system.

Comlinks are the backbone of the Matrix 2.0. Each one, and each wireless device connected to one, operate as moving nodes for the worldwide flow of communication. This way, the Matrix exists wherever there’s humanity, and most information isn’t stored centrally, but a part in each of the nodes. Comlinks are the basis, and the means to access the wireless world, each of them having the full capabilities of a computer, including web browsing, programming and the use of software etc.

Additionally, the comlink is where each person’s SIN chip is stored. SIN being the only official means of personal identification, and connected with virtually any aspect of one’s life, this means that a person without a comlink is practically non-existent, has no access to the Matrix (technomancers apart), and virtually no access to any money, services, property etc.

A comlink also has AR and VR capabilities, and can also process datachips, SIM modules etc. Additionally, one might use their comlink to use any kind of wireless equipment, by connecting it to the comlink via wireless smartlink. Considering that the term “wireless equipment” might enclose anything from a toaster to a helicopter, this function is vital for everyday life.

It also features three modes of operation:
Public, in which the comlink is visible to anyone, transmits the user’s ID, and has full networking capabilities. Having the comlink in public mode is often obligatory in public places such as malls, airports, etc.
Hidden, in which the comlink doesn’t send any information regarding its location and owner, but retains its networking capabilities. However, it still functions as a Matrix node, and a capable user might be able to spot a hidden comlink by analysing the flow of information.
Off, in which it is completely turned off. There is no offline mode, as comlinks are vital to the existence of the Matrix.


Comlinks came about after the Matrix Crash of 2064, as a joint venture by AA corporations Transys Neuronet and Erika. Soon after, Transys N., Erika and Novatec merged to create NeoNET, an AAA rated megacorp.

The curious coincidence of the Matrix crashing just as they were ready to provide an alternative to it, has been the cause for much speculation.


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